Welcome back, Readers Feast

Georges has been an icon of Melbourne retailing since the 1880s.

DELIGHTED TO note that Readers Feast, one of Melbourne’s best bookshops, is re-opening in the old Georges site in Collins Street, having severed its links with the now-defunct Redgroup Retail and received new financial backing.

Manager Mary Dalmau, one of Melbourne’s book selling stalwarts, has been hard at work on the new store since the old one closed in July.

‘I am a passionate, vocational bookseller, who believes a city of Melbourne’s cultural stature is capable of embracing and supporting an independent bookstore that has as its hallmarks an enormous range, a dedicated and knowledgeable team of booksellers, and a beautiful and engaging physical space,’ she says in a statement on the Readers Feast website.

It’s great to have you back, Mary. Looking forward to seeing the new store, which should be open in ‘early December’.