Author: Silvio Freytes
Illustrator: Flavio Morais
ISBN: 9780980416596

This ingenious and fascinating picture book depicts commonplace street scenes: a baby tries to play a game, a burglar starts running down the street, a hairdresser spots on old customer, a dog catcher sneeks up on a stray dog. Some scenes are funny, some exciting and some just intriguing.

The final page shows that these events have one thing in common: they¹re all happening simultaneously. On one street. In just one second.

As well as providing a colourful and entertaining streetscape for children to explore, this striking picture book also introduces the concept of Time to kids, and encourages them to consider all the things that are happening in just one second in their own world.

Argentinian Silvio Freytes’ simple story made In Just One Second a bestseller across the Spanish and Latin American world, while Brazilian Flavio Morais’ distinctive illustrations won it the prestigious Daniel Gil international award for book design. This Wilkins Farago edition marks the first time it has been available in English anywhere in the world.

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Winner, Daniel Gil International Book Design Award