cover image the red piano
Author: Andre LeBlanc
Illustrator: Barroux
ISBN: 9780980607017

This stirring and beautiful picture book relates the moving and inspiring story of a gifted young girl’s passion for the piano in a time of historic turmoil.

During China’s Cultural Revolution (1966 – 1976), a young girl is taken from her family and sent to a far-off labour camp.

Forbidden to play the piano, she nevertheless finds a way of smuggling hand-written music into the camp and sneaking away at night to practice a piano in a secret location.

Then, one night, she is caught …

Inspired by the amazing true story of the international concert pianist Zhu Xiao-Mei, Andre Leblanc and Barroux‘s acclaimed picture book from France poetically relates an extraordinary story of perseverance set against a cataclystic period of history which is, to this day, still shrouded in mystery.

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“This is a magnificent book in every respect.”
~ Magpies Magazine

“A must for any child’s bookshelf.”
~ Amnesty International Journal