Author: Gaetan Doremus
Illustrator: Gaetan Doremus
ISBN: 9780987109934

It seems everyone in Andrew’s block has been so busy during the day, they’ve forgotten to buy anything for dinner. Their fridges are empty … almost.

With only three carrots to eat, Andrew decides to go upstairs to ask his neighbour Nabil if he’s got anything in his fridge. Nabil’s not doing much better: he only has two eggs and small piece of cheese. Together, they decide to try the family on the second floor.

As they ascend each floor of their block of flats, they gather more ingredients from more neighbours until they reach the top floor and everyone finally has enough for a meal. But what to cook?

Empty Fridge is a picture book that taps into strong themes in children’s lives: the love of food and cooking, sharing, and the importance of good friends and neighbours.

Winner of a prominent kids’ choice award in France, Empty Fridgeis an inspiring and thought-provoking entertainment for the Junior Masterchef generation.

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  • Winner, 2010 Grauoilly Children’s Choice Prize (France)