cover image santas suit
Author: Davide Cali
Illustrator: Eric Heliot
ISBN: 9780980416572

This hilarious, original and thoroughly modern tale of Santa Claus will delight both children and adults. Already a bestseller in France, the book tells the story of Santa, who finds he has forgotten to clean his suit ahead of his Christmas delivery round – and finds the washing machine is broken!

His dog Bobo (a canny canine who reminds us of Wallace’s resourceful companion, Gromit) comes to the rescue. Armed with notes from a sewing program he’s seen on TV, he starts making a new suit – out of the curtains!

Will the suit be ready in time for Christmas? Will Santa learn his lesson and fix the washing machine in time for next Christmas?

Young readers will have lots of fun finding out, in this playful comic-style book that is easy to read and packs a delightful punchline.

Davide Cali and Eric Heliot have created a picture book that not only entertains but also brings Santa up-to-date for the modern child. For readers aged from 4 to 7.

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