Author: Fay Tran
ISBN: 9780980607055

Basic skills for parents and teachers

  • Give the gift of literacy
  • Simple, easy-to-follow
  • Uses phonics, the preferred method of Australia’s new National Curriculum
  • Ideal for kids of all abilities, including those with learning difficulties  

The gift of literacy is one of the most important gifts we can give our kids. It can quite literally transform their lives, giving them the confidence and skills they will need throughout school and into their adult lives.

Likewise, poor literacy and numeracy can have a devastating effect on individuals and on our society. Every year more kids leave school without the skills they need to achieve their true potential

As experienced literacy specialist Fay Tran argues in this timely and important book, no child should leave school without satisfactory literacy and numeracy skills.

The key is to teach them using PHONICS: the simple, effective and proven method described in this book.

Phonics is not only proven by modern academic research to be the most effective way of teaching literacy, it is also the method embedded at the heart of Australia’s new National Curriculum.

Armed with the skills and techniques covered in this book, any adult can teach the kids in their care to read.

Whether you’re learning phonics for the first time or refreshing your skills, Teaching Kids to Read is an essential resource.

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‘Grammar is back. The reading wars are over, with a proper emphasis on PHONICS.’ – Julia Gillard, Former Australian Prime Minister

‘Her approach to their problems reveals a thorough understanding of how children learn.’ – Assoc. Prof. Peter Westwood