Happy Mother’s Day!

With Mother’s Day coming up this Sunday we wanted to share with you some of the beautiful images from Waiting for Mummy, by Tae-Jun Lee & Dong-Sung Kim.

Book of the Year in Korea, Waiting for Mummy is a deceptively simple story of a child’s patience rewarded. The little boy in the story waits for his mother at a tram-stop while trams come and go, people alight, yet her devoted son waits stoically and patiently, even as a snowstorm gathers.

Will Mummy ever return? The reader must be as patient as the child, as the story is subtly resolved—for those looking closely—in the final magical illustration. – Reading Upside Down Blog

A universal celebration of the love children feel for their Mum!

Waiting For Mummy


To find out more about the book or purchase a copy for someone special to you, click here.