‘Delicious’ new book adds to Cali’s ‘growing reputation’: Courier-Mail

What is this thing called love?

What is This Thing Called Love? looks at love from a child's perspective.

AS Dickens’ Herbert Pocket would say, ‘upon my word, they are mounting up’. Another excellent review of Davide Cali and Anna-Laura Cantone’s new picture book, What is this Thing Called Love?, this time in Brisbane’s Courier-Mail. Writes Fiona Purdon:

Italy is a country known for its passion so it is not surprising that one of the nation’s most famous children’s authors, Davide Cali, tackles the heartfelt topic of love with insight and humour. Love is a confusing topic for Emma. She wants to know: What colour it is? What shape? Is it sweet or savoury? Is it just for grown-ups?

Emma enlists her mother, father, grandma and grandpa in her quest to find the meaning of love only to discover it’s complicated.

Anna Laura Cantone’s delicious, fun and zany drawings give depth and are the perfect tonic for this perceptive story which can be enjoyed on many layers. What Is This Thing Called Love? is a worthy new addition to Cali’s growing reputation as a children’s author.

It’s encouraging to us how many book reviewers refer to Davide Cali‘s growing reputation. When we first started publishing his books in English back in 2007 (A Dad Who Measures Up was the first of many), Cali was virtually unknown as a children’s writer outside Europe. That’s no longer the case, I’m pleased to say, and it’s wonderful to see people finally discovering this most thoughtful and innovative of writers for children.