‘Who You Are is What You Do’ on ABC Radio

‘Who You Are is What You Do’ is out now

Heather McAllister, author of Who You Are is What You Do, has been interviewed on ABC Radio by Richard Stubbs about her book, released this month.

Heather’s book is designed to help teenagers plan for life after school.

‘One important thing is to get teenagers moving away from panic,’ says McAllister. ‘Once you’re away from panicking, you can realise: “Hey, I’ve actually got a decision to make here and that’s cool. And I’m not going to blow my life by making a wrong decision now.” It’s a step-by-step process. It’s not one decision: it’s many decisions.’

‘It really works,’ says Stubbs of the book. ‘There are lots of conversation starters here …’

You can hear the excellent conversation between Stubbs and McAllister here.

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