Author: Davide Cali
Illustrator: Serge Bloch
ISBN: 9780958557184

This is the year’s most extraordinary illustrated book. Already a major hit in France, The Enemy is a profound, moving and poignant fable for our time about two lonely soldiers facing each other across a barren desert battlefield. Are they the only soldiers left? How can they end the war? Just who is the enemy?

Created by Davide Cali and Serge Bloch, the award-winning team behind I Can’t Wait (winner of France’s prestigious Baobab Award, and Honour Book in the American Library Association’s Batchelder Award) and I Love Kissing You. This Wilkins Farago edition marks its first publication into English anywhere in the world. For readers aged from 7 to 77.

logo-amnesty-internationalPublished in association with Amnesty International Australia, part of the global movement defending human rights and dignity. Amnesty works to demand respect for human rights and protect people facing abuse. To do this, it mobilises people, campaigns, conducts research and raises money for its work. It promotes a culture where human rights are embraced, valued and protected.


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  • Included in the USBBY’s 2010 list of Outstanding International Books.

     ‘Challenging the traditional notion of what a picture book is and who it is for is this stark, poignant book … [which] boldly explores the futility of war.’  ~ The Sunday Age

    ‘Impressive … the award-winning team of Cali and Bloch seems set for further recognition … Highly recommended.’ ~ Magpies