Author: Oyvind Torseter
Illustrator: Oyvind Torseter
ISBN: 9780987109989

‘Hello, I’ve discovered a hole in my apartment… it moves around … yes … if you could come and look at it … bring it down to you, you say … how … hello!’

Our hero has discovered a hole and tries to find an explanation. He seeks expert advice. But not everything can be explained. Perhaps he will just have to accept that it’s there.

The Hole has simple, expressive drawings by pen and computer. The hole is punched right through the book, so it exists in real life.

Book Trailer


“A stylish and surreal picture book… line drawings combined with a minimal use of colour lends the book a stylish and elegant appearance. With few details, attention is drawn towards the simple points on each page, making the story quick to read and easy to understand for readers young and old. At the same time it raises a whole host of questions, both concrete and abstract, and invites several perusals. It is fortunate that the pages are sturdy – this is a book that will quickly become well-thumbed.”
~ Dagbladet