Our Bear has been released!

The Bear with the Sword

March brings our beautiful Bear to a bookseller near you.

March does not only mean the start of Autumn in our great southern land, but it brings with it the release of Wilkins Farago’s latest picture book from Davide Cali, The Bear with the Sword.

The book tells the story of a (remarkably handsome) bear, who takes his powerful sword into the forest to chop down trees. He gets rather carried away, and chops down everything in his path. Some time later, a flood washes away his fortress and he goes out to investigate who is responsible. The answer, he discovers, has more to do with his sword than he could have imagined.

A powerful fable about the consequences of our actions, The Bear with the Sword is illustrated by renowned Italian illustrator, Gianluca Foli (making his picture book debut), the book has already been included in the International Youth Library’s White Ravens Catalogue. The White Ravens label is given to books that deserve worldwide attention because of their universal themes and/or their exceptional and often innovative artistic and literary style and design.