Cali ‘like a magician’ with kids: Melbourne’s Herald Sun

Some of the highlights of Davide Cali’s Australian tour have been the memorable sessions he’s done with school kids in Adelaide, Geelong, Melbourne and Sydney.

Melbourne’s Herald-Sun published a vivid description of one of Davide Cali’s Melbourne workshops yesterday in its ‘Learn’ section (click on the image to have a read). Says reporter Blanche Clark:

European author and illustrator Davide Cali is like a magician, keeping 100-odd preppies at Albert Park Primary School entertained with his hand-made books.

Her write-up makes you think you’re in the room with him. She also asked Cali about the message behind many of his books, to which he replied:

The thing I like to tell the children is that no matter how different you are, no matter how alone you may feel, there is a place for you; there’s someone just like you.