A special christmas treat…

As many of our blog followers know, Italian author/illustrator Davide Cali toured Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney in May this year.

As a special thank you to the Wilkins Farago team he gave each of us a ‘blad’ or author/illustrator proof of one of his stories. As you can see from the images below this is illustrated by him as a guide for the illustrator and the publisher. This is actually quite an unusual way of working, but because Davide is also a cartoonist he can’t help but see the story playing out in his head as he writes, ‘like watching a film.’

Here are some of the beautiful illustrations from the proof for Santa’s Suit... enjoy!

Cover 500

Title Page 500Le Costume De Pere Noel p.1 500 Le Costume De Pere Noel p.3 500 Le Costume De Pere Noel p.7 500 Le Costume De Pere Noel p.13 500 Le Costume De Pere Noel p.18 500And this is how the final book turned out – with equally charming illustrations by Eric Heliot. If you would like read more about Santa’s Suit please click on the image below.

Santa's Suit