What people think of our books


'The Red Piano' has just been released this month

It’s not often you get a chance to hear what consumers think of your books and your website directly. This week, the excellent children’s book website We Heart Books ran a giveaway for The Red Piano. To win a copy of the book, entrants had to visit our website and pick one book that they thought they might like. Here are some of the 41 comments:

‘You were right, all the books over at Wilkins Farago look gorgeous, but the one that really tugged at my heartstrings was Waiting for Mummy by Tae-Jun Lee & Dong-Sung Kim.’

‘They do look like beautiful books! Can you beat I Like Chocolate? What a great gift book.’

‘We are Barroux fans. Visiting the WF site was not an easy thing to do … I almost didn’t make it back to comment after getting caught up in those lovely books. Since I must name one, another beautiful looking book is The Goose Bath: Poems by Janet Frame. I absolutely love the title.’

‘We already have Waiting For Mummy – it’s so beautiful … The illustrations are so perfect. But I think the other book that caught my attention was In Just One Second. I absolutely LOVE the illustrations and the concept that the world is bigger than your bedroom and your house and that millions of things are happening all at the same time, all over the world and even in your own street – all of them different and interesting and real.’

‘I loved the concept behind A Dad Who Measures Up. Its not often enough we write about dads in books and this is so important for single parent families or families where the father is absent alot due to other intervening circumstances.’

‘It has to be In Just One Second by Silvio Freytes and Flavio Morais! It reminds me of when I have caught myself thinking of what other people might be doing at an exact moment in time!’

Waiting for Mummy looks breathtakingly beautiful. I love the softness of the images and the precious little red nose. He even has a little tummy that seems to stick out. Beautiful!’

Of course, it could be said that these are comments from people angling for a freebie, but positive feedback from so many people new to our books and what we do is still most encouraging.

Thanks to We Heart Books for running the promo.