Weekly Book Newsletter celebrates 2000th issue

Hearty congratulations to the staff of Bookseller+Publisher’s Weekly Book Newsletter, which today published its 2000th issue.

Founded by Joyce Thorpe Nicholson in 1971, the WBN or ‘Blue News’ has been essential reading for book people for the past 40 years and has never been more relevant than it is today.

I joined the staff there as Editor and later Publisher at issue No.1524 back in 2002 and lasted over six years. Tim Coronel , the current Publisher, joined at issue 1541 and is still there. That’s a lot of weeks!

If you compare the new online WBN, launched in 2006, with the old printed WBN (we used to fold each issue by hand), the most immediate comparison is the sheer volume of information the newsletter now carries. A lot of it is important business intelligence you can’t and won’t find anywhere else. Tim, Matthia Dempsey and their team do a great job.

So, here’s to the next 1000 issues and keep up the good work.