Two great gifts for Mother’s Day

'Waiting for Mummy' was judged Children's Book of the Year in Korea

Finding something a little bit different for Mother’s Day is always a challenge. But if Mum has little ones, what could be better than a children’s picture book to share with them? (After breakfast in bed, of course.)

There are couple of Wilkins Farago books that make perfect gifts for mums at any time, but especially on Mother’s Day.

Waiting for Mummy is an award-winning and hauntingly beautiful picture book from Korea about a little boy who’s waiting patiently for his mum to return from work. Why is she so late? Why isn’t she on any of the trams that pass by? Finally, patience is rewarded in a book that Magpies magazine described as

A very successful, elegant and simply beautiful picture book … Highly recommended.

Author Davide Cali is visiting Australia later this month.

What is this thing called love? is also a celebration of family ties. A little girl wants to know what love is, and asks each of her family members in turn. Surprisingly, they each give different answers. But in the course of the story, the girl discovers love is about doing things for those you care about. We’re sure you’ll agree with the Sunday Tasmanian reviewer who wrote

This is the kind of picture book that gets worn out just from being read, poured over, and loved to death.

Both titles can be ordered from any good bookshop or online postage-free* from our website.

* Within Australia only