‘The Red Piano’ on Radio New Zealand

The Children's Bookshop's John McIntyre

John McIntyre of the Children’s Bookshop in Wellington reviewed The Red Piano on Radio New Zealand’s Nine to Noon with Kathryn Ryan show today.

John makes the well-observed point that the book is part of a European tradition in which quality illustrated books (those about Asterix and Tintin, for example) are as much for adults as they are for children.

You can listen to a podcast of the review (and those of two other books broadcast at the same time) here. André Leblanc‘s and Barroux‘s book is mentioned at about 3′ 40″ into the 5’ 15″ segment.

Incidentally, if you ever want find out what books are being talked about on New Zealand’s mainstream TV and radio, Booksellers New Zealand‘s website is a good place to start.