‘The Red Piano in ‘Summer Reading Guide’

'The Red Piano' is on page 23.

Book lovers all over Australia are currently receiving a copy of the Summer Reading Guide inserted into their weekend newspaper. This year, we’re delighted to see our title The Red Piano is in it.

The Summer Reading Guide is a bit of an institution. Produced for many years now by two of Australia’s leading independent booksellers, Melbourne’s Readings and Sydney’s Gleebooks, it is also used by quality independent booksellers across Australia, such as:

ACT: Electric Shadows

QueenslandAvid Reader, Coaldrakes, Folio Books and Riverbend Books

South Australia: Imprints

Tasmania: Fullers Bookshop

Western Australia: Bookcaffe

Quoth the guide:

The Red Piano is a retelling of the story of Zhu Xiao-Mei, a concert pianist who was ‘reeducated’ as a child in the camps of China’s Cultural Revolution. After long days toiling in the fields and undertaking self-criticism classes, the small girl slips away to illicitly practise the piano. Music brings some humanity into her life, in a system that has none. It brings happiness and a hint of freedom. Barroux’s stark artwork highlights the poignancy of this tale of human resilience in the face of oppression. Published in association with Amnesty International. Ages 9+

For an independent publisher, there’s no better place to have your books featured this close to Christmas. You can’t buy The Red Piano on Amazon, so the best place to buy it from is an independent bookshop like the ones mentioned above (or see our Google map of  ‘The Red Piano’ stockists).