The Little Eskimo – a homage to the child within us all


A positive response from the children’s book blogging community about Davide Cali and Maurizio Quarello’s Little Eskimo and his companions. Here are some snippets to tempt you to read the articles in full!

This fable-like story is an homage to the child within us all – who looks to the future, brimming with questions and perhaps also fear about What Will Be. Author Cali has written a timeless, thoughtful and beautiful tale that reminds children the future is very much in their hands.

Maurizio Quarello’s striking illustrations of Arctic wilderness and its fauna has been lusciously-rendered, showcasing a darling main character and his animal friends in a way that will charm readers of all ages.

Simply gorgeous. – Tania McCartney, Kids Book Review

The Little Eskimo is a beautiful parable about identity and becoming in an exotic Arctic setting. – Angela Crocombe, Readings St Kilda

This is a book which is perfect for dreamers, thinkers and those who love to wander through the ‘what ifs’ within their imaginations. – My Book Corner Blog

This heart-warming allegorical tale, with folktales cadences, goes to the heart of what it is to be a child, with life’s wonderful possibilities laid out before you. – Stephanie Owen Reader Blog