Sam and his dad – ‘ a sheer pleasure to read’

WE ARE thrilled with this excellent review for Sam and his dad in this month’s issue of Magpies magazine.

The blurb on the back of this book sums up the story as a celebration not only of dad but of all the little pleasures of family life. I couldn’t agree more!

The day to day life of Sam… short for Samuel. But I prefer Supersam and his family, particularly the relationship with his dad, which is simply and poignantly told.

There is much of the day to day living of an ordinary family in this book; from Sam’s relationship with the other members of his family – my-darling-Mummy-whom-I-love-to-bits and his younger brother Leon who is always ready to muck around with me … to days spent playing in the park, watching dad work, playing and holidaying as well as time spent alone. It is the simplicity of the story line that creates the magic in this book.

The almost old fashioned texture of the cover combined with the illustrated relief of Sam and his dad makes this book feel like it should be treasured like a well loved book from ones’ childhood. 

Accompanied by terrific illustrations, Sam and his Dad, which is translated from the French language edition of Sam et son papa of 2009, is a gem and a lovely example of how family relationships can be universal.

A sheer pleasure to read by oneself or with others. 

Magpies Magazine, Sharon Greenaway

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