Rotary “Social Inclusion for schools” Initiative

The Rotary Club have teamed up with Social Inclusion Week to support Empty Fridge reaching schools all across Australia. To read more about their initiative download the Social Inclusion Week Schools Flyer. Here’s what they said about our book:

In August this year, an outstanding new book was published in Australia. “Empty Fridge” brings the themes of social inclusion to primary school students and is a great resource for schools. A superb hard back publication, it has received acclaim from booksellers, librarians and schools alike.

For Social Inclusion Week 2012 , your Rotary Club can purchase 5 copies of “Empty Fridge”, complete with teacher’s notes in each copy and donate these to your local primary school.

Cost of package $150 (incl post and pack – delivered to you).

Click here to download Social Inclusion for Schools flyer.

From each package, the publisher [Wilkins Farago] will donate $75.00 to the School of Hard Knocks Institute – established by Dr Jonathon Welch to bring quality arts and well-being programs to homeless and disadvantaged Australians. To read more about “Empty Fridge”, you can visit