‘One Red Shoe’ one of our very best, says Magpies

One Red Show is just released

‘One Red Shoe’ depicts children’s lives in a Middle East war zone

A wonderful review for our new title, One Red Shoe from Joy Lawn in the July issue of Magpies magazine. Here’s an extract:

Wilkins Farago is a publisher who discovers exemplary picture books form around the world and publishes them in Australia. One Red Shoe, one of Germany’s five ‘Most Beautiful Children’s Books’ in 2103, equals the best of the their titles …

Told from an adult’s point of view, One Red Shoe is a sophisticated and powerful story for older readers … This picture book reveals a situation that we may not want to acknowledge, but one that should be faced and grappled with.

One Red Shoe, written by Karin Gruss and illustrated by Tobias Krejtschi, is in bookstores now.