Next Davide Cali picture book explores meaning of love

The cover for Davide Cali's new picture book, due in June

We’re delighted to announce we have reach agreement with Editions Sarbacane of Paris to publish Davide Cali and Anna Laura Cantone‘s latest picture book for kids, What is this thing called Love?

Our edition, which will be officially published in June, will the first English language edition of the book (first published in French) anywhere in the world.

The book tells the story of little Emma, a girl who wants to know what love is. She asks everyone in her family, only to get a different answer from each one.

Can love really be in a piece of cake or a game of football? It seems there’s a lot more to this love thing than Emma ever imagined!

We love Swiss-born Davide Cali. This will be the eighth book of his we’ve published, and his second collaboration with Italian illustrator Cantone (after the wonderful A Dad Who Measures Up, 2007). His last book for us, The Bear with the Sword (2010), recently sold out its first printing.

We’ll be posting more information about the book on our website shortly. To whet your appetite, here are some of the reviews of the French edition:

A picture of great tenderness, romance, both wicked and generous, in which innocence and sharing are the key words. One immediately recognises Davide Cali’s rhythm and intelligence, and the fresh assured humour of Anna Laura Cantone’s illustrations … a perfect duet to answer love’s great enigma. – Salon du Livre et de la Presse Jeunesse

A visual treat with that touch of magic that makes it an instant classic … a success every bit as captivating as their A Dad Who Measures Up.

Funny, dynamic, tender, almost philosophical!

A sublime picture book which sparkles, full with humour and tenderness, magic and sensitivity! – Les Sandales d’Empédocle Children’s Bookshop