Love to shop, but hate to wrap?

Did you know there was a gift wrapping algorithm? No? Neither did I.  Hardly surprising really as I don’t have a great love affair with algorithms. I do however, love gift wrapping. I’ve always fancied a job as a gift wrapper, so when December rolls around each year and I get to offer our fabulous free gift wrapping service, I am thrilled.

Free gift wrapping and postage within Australia

Any purchase in the month of December will receive FREE festive gift wrapping. So visit our online shop here and get your books beautifully gift wrapped in time for Christmas.

We also offer free postage to anywhere in Australia, and we can post to multiple addresses if you need us to (please email us for any special postage requests).

For anyone who cares, the gift wrapping algorithm is a simple algorithm for computing the convex hull of a given set of points.