Join us at the Man, Dog, Boat Story Exhibition and Awards on Saturday

Wilkins Farago is a proud sponsor of the Children’s Story Exhibition opening at Gasworks Arts Park this Saturday 19th November.

The Man, Dog, Boat Story Exhibition celebrates storytelling at its most imaginative. It is a collection of children’s stories and illustrations based on the iconic sculpture at the entrance to Gasworks Arts Park, Man, Dog, Boat, created by Henry Smith in 1995.

The work in the exhibition will explore the story surrounding these mysterious characters inspired by creative workshops with illustrator Ann James, author Meredith Costain and illustrator Trudy White. Children all over Victoria were also encouraged to get involved through the

With over a 100 entries including animation, poetry, sculpture and even a mockumentary, don’t miss this opportunity to celebrate children’s creativity and imagination!

Opening: Sat 19 Nov at 11am

Awards Presented at: 11.30am

Dates of exhibition: 19 to 27 November 2011

Venue: Gatehouse Building, Gasworks Arts Park, Albert Park, Victoria