Mexicans make short work of Cali book

One of our very favourite authors is the amazingly talented Davide Cali. Among several other accomplishments, Davide is one of Europe’s most prolific and popular writers for children and we’ve published seven of his books so far.

The first book of Davide’s that we published was A Dad Who Measures Up (2007), a collaboration with the Italian illustrator Anna Laura Cantone. It really is a funny and ultimately very moving story about a little girl’s search for a dad to measure up to the mum she loves. The book, originally published in French, has now been published in several countries, including Spain and Mexico, from where this new video animation of the book has been produced:


If you speak Spanish, I’m sure you’ll agree it really captures the charm and humour of the book. If you don’t understand Spanish, fear not! A Dad Who Measures Up in English is still in print and can be purchased here.

PS There’s some good news regarding Davide and Anna Laura that we’ll be announcing on this site shortly, so be sure to come back soon.