Finally, after 12 years … a catalogue

Click on the cover to download a copy

IT’S TAKEN us quite a long time to get round to it—about 12 years?—but at last we have our first ever catalogue out, just in time for the busiest three months in the book retail calendar.

In its brief pages, you’ll find all our new and recent titles, plus all the backlist titles we currently have in print.

As we don’t publish many books each year, a catalogue has always seemed a bit … well, extravagant. However, as we keep on foolishly publishing more new books each year, and the backlist titles keep on selling, it’s about time we did something a little old fashioned and put them all together in a little booklet.

The list is only little, of course, but it represents a considerable investment in time and money from a lot of people, many in other countries.

As the publisher looking through this mini-list, I have to admit that what makes me most proud is that every single book has turned a profit. That’s not a record that’s likely to stand forever, but so far it’s ensured that there’s always been money in the kitty for at least one new book. And while that’s the case, we’ll keep publishing.

If you’d like a copy of this rarity, drop us a line or download the web version here.