Davide Cali on chocolate

I Like Chocolate

I Like Chocolate

One of our very favourite authors, Davide Cali, has been reminiscing about his book, I Like Chocolate, on his Facebook fan page. We published the book in English in 2009 and it’s been a popular title ever since. Says Cali:

It’s my 4th book but I consider it my very first, because it was the “first” to be translated in another country, the first to receive an award (Eurochocolate 2001, a month after the publication), the first not illustrated by myself.

And the first commissioned too.

Corrado, the publisher, just called me asking: “Do you like chocolate?”

It’s funny that our over-10-years adventure and friendship just began in this way.

Maybe it should begin always in this way.

I worked with Evelyn [Evelyn Daviddi] on a second book and now we’re starting a third one. We don’t meet or call each other too often but when we start a new book we find again the way to work, as the first time.

You can purchase I Like Chocolate from your local bookseller, or online here.

We have a very exciting announcement regarding Davide, which we’ll be making in the next week or two.