Davide Cali makes his confessions: Blog tour day 5

DAY FIVE. The Davide Cali blog tour is really starting to build up a head of steam. Today, it’s the turn of My Little Bookcase. The blog’s creator Jackie Small has managed to extract five confessions from Davide, and is also the latest to rave about Cali and Vincent Pianina’s forthcoming graphic novel, 10 Little Insects.

As I read this book, I constantly found myself thinking of a whole range of boys I’ve taught in the past; boys that I would have referred to as capable but reluctant readers. I wish I could have recommended this book to them.

My Little Bookcase celebrates the value of a traditional book, the joys of reading and quality time shared between parent and child. It is an online resource where you can find a wealth of information to encourage a love of reading in your child; it is a community for parents and caregivers to share their own ideas and experiences; it is a case full of inspiring ideas for reading and sharing books with your child.

The Davide Cali blog tour is taking place from 1 to 15 May, as a countdown to Davide’s first visit to Australia from 16 to 28 May. Every day, some of Australia’s most interesting book bloggers will be posting interviews with him, reviewing his books, offering giveaways and maybe giving a sneak peak of his award-winning new book, 10 Little Insects.

You can check out the full blog tour here.

Davide Cali’s 2012 Australian tour is an initiative of the National Year of Reading