Fay Tran

Fay has a Bachelor of Education degree from Deakin University and a Bachelor of Special Education degree from Flinders University, and has considerable experience as both a teacher and teacher-librarian. She has authored papers on children’s learning difficulties, and is a member of Learning Difficulties Australia (LDA) and Specific Learning Difficulties (SPELD).

Fay is also a dedicated supporter of the National Year of Reading 2012. As well as being an official FRIEND of the campaign she is in the process of establishing a special website for parents and teachers to keep them informed of the best ways of teaching children how to read, whether or not they have learning difficulties. Fay believes that ‘there is no point in encouraging children to read lots of books if they don’t know how to do it’.

Fay retired from full-time work in 2010. Teaching Kids to Read represents the fruit of a lifetime’s passion for literacy.