A champion of children’s books

9780987109989The July edition of Magpies magazine features reviews of two of our new books: Oyvind Torseter’s The Hole and Karis Gruss and Tobias Krejschi’s One Red Shoe (more of the latter review in a later post).

Poignantly, the review of The Hole was written by Jo Goodman, who died earlier this month.

A tireless champion of children’s literature for many, many years, Jo was one of our great enthusiasts and an astute judge of a book. To learn more about her life in kids’ books, read Dr Belle Alderman’s touching tribute. She will be missed.

Over the years, Jo reviewed several of our books and was a great supporter of our publishing. Her extensive interview with Davide Cali in Vol. 27 of Magpies magazine was a culmination of that interest.

I first met Jo around 20 years ago, when I was just starting out as a publisher. It’s moving to consider that one of her last reviews was for a Wilkins Farago book.

Of The Hole, she wrote:

This is a book to intrigue readers and to generate a wide variety of playful and philosophical responses and interpretations.

Thanks, Jo. Rest in peace.