Who You Are is What You do: campaign kick-off

‘Who You Are is What You Do’ is out now

In six months’ time, about a quarter of a million Australian teenagers will complete their Year 12 studies and enter adult life. Now there’s a book to help them make this challenging transition.

This week, life guidance counsellor Heather McAllister has kicked off her media tour to promote Who You Are is What You Do: Making Choices About Life After School.

Heather started with an upbeat interview on WA regional network, RadioWest, which you can listen to here, and the blogocracy is starting to take notice, with the Savvy Mumma parenting website stating

Who You Are Is What You Do is the sort of book I think all teens should have …

while, Vicki Stanton of twice-monthly book emag Buzz Words laments

If only I had this book when I was at school … This is not a book to flick through and shelve. It is a workbook that demands readers to really think about what makes them happy and fulfilled and to encourage them to take control of their choices and their life.