Who do you love to kiss?

We don’t see many picture books for grown-ups, but we couldn’t resist publishing I Love Kissing You, a wonderfully romantic and funny celebration of the kiss.

Written by Davide Cali and illustrated by Serge Bloch – the team behind the acclaimed The Enemy – the book is warm,  funny and down-to-earth with a great twist at the very end. Written as a private gift for Davide’s partner he was surprised when he showed his publisher and they LOVED it as well!

On his tour of Australia in May last year Davide revealed that only one of the real kisses he describes had to be changed for publication… but he wouldn’t reveal the secret of which!

It features Serge Bloch‘s elegantly simple illustrations throughout, and is sumptiously clothbound and jacketed in a special narrow B+ format.

Kids’ Book Review reviewed I Love Kissing You in Davide’s blog tour last May, here are a few words and some samples from the book:

The language Cali uses in this book is gathered up and splashed across the pages visually by the talented Serge Bloch, whose emotive images are as raw and pleasing as the frankness of Cali’s voice. Using line drawings, silhouettes, photography and sheer grooviness, each page is a smile-worthy surprise… Tania McCartney