What is this thing called love?

What Is This Thing Called Love?

‘A heart-warming exploration … quirky but entertaining illustrations … gently humorous text’ – Canberra Times

What is this thing called love? written by Davide Cali and illustrated by Anna Laura Cantone is a delightful and subtle attempt to explain love to kids – not just romantic love, but the love that binds homes and families together.

‘This is the kind of picture book that gets worn out just from being read, poured over, and loved to death,’ said the Sunday Tasmanian.

Little Emma really wants to know what love is, so asks each member of her family. Not surprisingly, everyone has a slightly different idea of what love is, depending on who they are. In the end, Emma learns that love is revealed in what we do for each other, just as much as it is in what we say.

What is this thing called love