Two great gifts for Father’s Day

If you’re looking for a gift a child can give to Dad on Father’s Day look no further. We have two delightful picture books that Dad will love sharing with the giver.

Sam and His Dad

A joyful and funny celebration of ordinary family life, Sam and His Dad is the English translation of Serge Bloch’s modern French classic. Sam is a little boy full of energy and life. This book is about all the things he gets up to with his family, and especially with his dad.

The contrast between how Sam sees life, and how his dad experiences it, makes for some hilarious moments. As one enthusiastic reviewer noted,

It is the simplicity of the story line that creates the magic in this book.

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A Dad Who Measures Up

If you don’t have a dad already, how do you find one as wonderful as your mum?

That’s the challenge taken on by the little girl in Davide Cali and Anna-Laura Cantone’s A Dad Who Measures Up.

]The answer? Put an ad in the local paper, then interview the daddy-candidates who mass in front of the house the next day.

Whimsical and heart-warming, this is a book that makes us think about what makes a great dad.

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Sam at play with his dad: an extract from Serge Bloch’s ‘Sam and his Dad’

Imagining super dad: a detail from one of Anna-Laura Cantone’s illustrations for ‘A Dad Who Measures Up’