Reading for Social Peace project launched

We’re delighted to announce that the Reading for Social Peace Project is now up and running.

Inspired by a National Library of the Maldives reading campaign, we’ve teamed up with Yarra Plenty Regional Library in Victoria to create a project that encourages kids to read with a questioning and open mind, and to use their reading to stimulate thought and discussion about social peace.

What’s social peace? It’s peace in our families; among our friends; in our communities, towns, cities or country; it can mean the absence of conflict and war; it can also mean how we can better live together.

At the launch of Reading for Social Peace (from left): YPRL Director Christine Mackenzie, with author Davide Cali, YPRL’s Blaise van Hecke, Councilor Mary Lalios and Wilkins Farago’s Director, Andrew Wilkins.

Ultimately, this project is about helping kids arrive at their own definition of social peace, by exposing them to books that get them thinking. Then, it’s over to them to respond in a creative way: through a piece of writing or art, a video or song: anything that makes sense to them.

Reading for Social Peace has its own wiki space page where you can find out about the first four books chosen for the project:

  • The Bear with the Sword by Davide Cali and Gianluca Foli
  • The Red Piano by André Leblanc and Barroux
  • The Enemy by Davide Cali and Serge Bloch
  • Empty Fridge by Gaetan Doremus (to be published in August)

There’s also a space for kids to post their own creations.

This is not just a project for those within the area serviced by Yarra Plenty Regional Library. Libraries and schools across Australia—or indeed around the world—are more than welcome to get involved now. All you need to do get started is pick up one of the four books above and get reading!

Reading for Social Peace is a National Year of Reading project.

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