‘Gleaner’ features our bear

The Bear with the Sword

'Another little gem.'

Nice little mention of The Bear with the Sword in The Gleaner, a zine produced by leading Sydney independent bookseller, Gleebooks.

Wilkins Farago have another little gem for you and your little ones with The Bear with the Sword by Davide Cali and Gianluca Foli ($24.99). A warm funny parable about a bear who does something stupid and tries to blame others, but finally takes responsibility and makes amends.

The props come from Zoe Dattner of SPUNC, who has written a round-up of new independently-published releases for the zine. Thanks for putting our bear in there, Zoe, and thanks to Gleebooks for giving some space to the indies.

Incidentally, Gleebooks is one of many booksellers stocking the book around Australia, all of whom can be found on our custom Google map of stockists.