Brilliant ’10 Little Insects’: Kids Book Review

10 Little InsectsWriter Tania McCartney has written a passionately positive review of Davide Cali and Vincent Pianina’s 10 Little Insects (a graphic novel based on Agatha Christie’s Ten Little Indians) for Kids Books Review.

From the Oklahoma-singing bug to the barrage of creepy bug-confessions, this hilarious take on an entymological murder mystery is a joy to read through … Presented comic-strip style, with vibrant and totally contemporary illustrations by Vincent Pianina, this brilliant book has that delicious Euro vibe, funny-bone-tickling characters, a little bit of gore and pockets of bite-sized suspense …

You can read Tania’s full review here.

The French edition of 10 Little Insects has garnered a swathe of awards, including the Best Children’s Comic Book Award at the Paris Children’s Book Fair. Wilkins Farago is publishing the first and only English language edition this month.

10 Little Insects - Davide Cali & Vincent Pianina

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